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Clearflow Pumps & Water Treatment's President, Ronald Jorgensen, is a Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist (C.W.S. III) and Installer with many years of experience in the water treatment business. Ron is a licensed Pump System Installer/Mechanic as well as a licensed Well Technician by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Ron also holds top level Service Technician certificates for EcoWater and Kinetico.

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QUESTION: Will my family suffer from lack of minerals necessary for good health in drinking water that has been softened with a Water Softener?
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QUESTION: Should softened water be used for watering house plants or for watering the garden or lawn?
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QUESTION: If we are using a water softener that uses salt, should we be drinking this water? Is it safe to drink? Should we be bypassing it?
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QUESTION: We recently had a Water Softener installed and noticed that the water feels "slippery" when showering. Is there such a thing as "too soft" water?
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QUESTION: A company recently tried to sell me a "salt-free" Water Softener that softens by magnets. Do these work? Does anyone have any scientific proof of this system?
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QUESTION: What is the best method for removing iron from my well water? Thanks!
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QUESTION: What is the difference between an under sink unit and a Reverse Osmosis system?
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